National Tennis Centre (Rod Laver Arena)

Despite the fact that the huge internal area of Melbourne's new National Tennis Centre is pressurised to allow efficient air-conditioning, noise levels inside the play area are so low the bounce of a tennis ball on the court is clearly heard.

This is quite a feat in itself, bearing in mind that ventilation air flows to the Centre Court run to 124m'/sec, including 76m3/sec of fixed outside air.

NAP Silentflo, eminent acoustic engineers and contractors, provided the noise suppression required through the construction and supply of NAP Dingo duct discharge silencers for eight built up Acoustic Air Handling Units located at super box level.

Air relief is achieved by means of the gap between he stadium's fixed and mobile roof sections, while secondary air support can be provided via four smoke spill fans.

To provide sufficient noise attenuation, NAP Dingo duct inlet and discharge silencers were also fitted to the smoke spill and car park fans.

NAP Silentflo has great experience in successfully silencing the undesirable mechanical and air-borne noise associated with the ventilation of major Australian and international sporting and entertainment venues.

The use of NAP Silentflo `D' and `H' series rectangular silencers, `CS' and 'CSP' circular silencers and Flowline acoustic louvres is standard practise on commercial and architectural developments throughout Australia. Mechanical engineers and acoustic consultants can specify NAP Silentflo equipment with the knowledge that the products are independently laboratory tested and rated for insertion loss, regenerated noise and pressure drop characteristics.