Company Profile

NAP Silentflo is the leading designer and manufacture of noise control equipment in South East Asia. Whatever the noise problem experienced in architectural, commercial or industrial situations, NAP has a proven engineered product to solve it.

More than 50,000 NAP silencers, louvres, mufflers, doors and enclosures have been supplied to satisfied customers throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, United States, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan. Since being established in 1978, NAP has been involved in the supply of the widest possible range of noise control equipment including audiology suits, safe speech rooms, industrial enclosures, acoustic barriers, FD and ID fan silencers, vent silencers, gas turbine noise control, resonator silencers, mufflers, timber and steel acoustic doors, reverberation control, vibration isolation, floating floors, mobile testing laboratories and diesel engine noise control.


Standard Products

The continuous design, testing and development of catalogued acoustic products is the reason for NAP Silentflo's ongoing leadership in this field NAP Silentflo has produced a wide range of technical catalogues, each giving technical, acoustical. aerodynamic and physical data on individual products.


As well as catalogues, the company produces technical bulletins for consultants and engineers, providing further information on our range of products. The range of catalogues produced by the company covers an exhaustive selection of our most popular products. These brochures can be used with confidence by experienced acoustic and mechanical consultants, designers, plant or project engineers and architects.


For those with limited or "once only" experience, our sales and project engineers are on hand and are qualified to assist in the evaluation of specific requirements, helping with design, product selection, budgeting and tender submission and project planning. Our comprehensive range of technical bulletins provides additional back-up knowledge and information for those requiring more in depth technical support.


Specialized Solutions

As well as providing the most extensive range of standard products for a wide range of applications, NAP Silentflo also provides individual solutions for specialized noise control requirements. Our depth of experience and technical expertise has enabled us to achieve an unequalled reputation for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for any noise control problem. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us the preferred suppliers for major projects throughout Australia and South East Asia.