Industrial Silencers


Vent Silencers

NAP produce a range of vent silencers to solve airborne noise problems associated with safety venting systems. The silencers are available in a variety of configurations from absorptive to diffusion units.


High Pressure Silencers

Five types of industrial silencers are listed below:

RAE medium degree straight through absorption type.
RIE or RIS multi-chamber reactive type silencer for industrial area applications.
RRE or RRS multi-chamber reactive type silencers with higher performance for residential area applications.
RR/AE or RR/AS multi-chamber silencers combining maximum reactive performance and absorption design for critical high performance requirements.
SASE multi-chamber spark arrester silencers for applications where spark control is required.


Gas Turbine Silencers

NAP offer a comprehensive selection of gas turbine exhaust silencers. Designs available to suit all types of turbines. Rectangular or circular cross section. Robust fully welded case in high temperature, weather resistant steels, boiler plate or stainless steel. Internal absorption with glass cloth and stainless steel mesh protection.


Resonator Silencers

Resonator silencers are used in dirty airflow paths, where conventional absorptive type silencers clog up and become ineffective. They are particularly useful in dusty environment where sustained performance over long periods of time is required.