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NAP Silentflo is a specialist organization supplying a wide range of standard or specifically designed noise control products
such as silencers, acoustic materials, duct silencers, absorptive materials and enclosures, for architectural,
industrial and commercial applications.

Springvale Louvres

NAP Customized Acoustic Louvres & Silencers.

In addition to a complete range of standard rectangular silencers and acoustic louvres NAP can supply a wide variety of customized solutions.
These custom silencers and louvres are specially designed and configured to meet specific project requirements. They can be uniquely tailored to meet demanding performance characteristics that exceed the capabilities of the standard product range.
Like all NAP units they can also be supplied in a range of materials and finishes.

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Products and Services .

With a wide range of products and services to offer NAP Silentflo is the leading designer and manufacture of noise control equipment in South East Asia.

Whatever the noise problem experienced in architectural, commercial or industrial situations, NAP has a proven engineered product to solve it.

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