Acoustic Barriers


Noise Barriers

With new freeways, railways or arterial roads passing through high density residential or environmentally sensitive areas, the effect of increasing noise levels is of major concern.
In response, NAP Silentflo has developed a range of noise barriers to suit a wide range variety of applications.
Absorptive barriers are more economical and effective than concrete reflective type barriers. Unlike timber and concrete barriers, the absorptive surface prevents reflection of sound. The barriers can be supplied in powder coated steel sheet or recyclable plastic to provide excellent weather resistance and guaranteed long life.


ECO Barriers

NAP Silentflo's Eco-Barriers have been specifically developed with this problem in mind. They are designed for use in a wide range of applications and conditions.
Unlike many commonly used barriers that also reflect unwanted noise the Eco-Barriers come with absorptive faces to reduce unwanted reflected noise. They are a highly effective high performance absorptive type barrier.