Acoustic Doors


Timber Acoustic Doors

The increasing awareness in our community of the effect of excessive noise levels on worker health and efficiency has resulted in more stringent legislation and local standards being introduced.
In response to this demand, NAP silentflo has developed a range of timber acoustic doors which combines excellent acoustical performance with attractive finish and ease of installation.


Steel Acoustic Doors

NAP Silentflo makes an extensive range of acoustic doors custom built to suit individual requirements. Selections are made according to the degree of sound isolation required, space available, fire rating requirements and the environment in which the door will be located.
A typical example of this professional approach can be seen in the doors supplied and installed at the Victorian Arts Center.


Air Relief Doors

The NAP Silentflo 'Cross Talk' range of acoustic air relief doors have been specially designed to solve the common problems of transferring air from adjacent areas without transferring unwanted noise. These doors allow two way air flow whilst efficiently reducing the transfer of sound in either direction.